The star of “House-2” was severely beaten by the actress Anastasia Owl-Egorov

Звезда «Дома-2» жестоко избил актрису Анастасию Сову-Егорову Friends of the girl accused Frolov Seeds in this horrible thing. According to Anastasia, she’s not ready to forgive the man his antics. In social networks, the girl was shown a photo collage with injuries received as a result of beatings.

      Звезда «Дома-2» жестоко избил актрису Анастасию Сову-Егорову

      Actress serials Anastasiya Sova-Egorova and the participant “Houses-2” Simeon Frolov again provoked a scandal. The girl was the victim of aggression on the part of the young man. Despite the fact that some time ago, old lovers forgive each other and re-established communication, they had another conflict. Recall that this summer she wanted to commit suicide, took pills and washed them down with alcohol. Doctors managed to revive her. The reason for the suicide attempt was the return of Seeds to the telestroke.

      The post Owls-Egorova, which appeared online early in the morning, shocked her friends and acquaintances. She showed numerous bruising and said that she was beaten.

      “I frequently forgive, give chances, and forgiveness can and do reciprocate. But! I do not want to forgive! How did this year just hell, and ends: I have bruises, hematomas and again betrayal,” said Anastasia, uploading a picture, which shows her beating.

      According to the girl, this is not the first case when she is exposed to violence. However, it learned nothing from the previous incident. “Flee from men that drag you down, run if you feel that your life is rapidly revolves only around him and, especially, run, if it hits you! If you forgive, he’ll do it again! Although I am a supporter of that unchanging constant changeability of everything, but believe I can do more. D***mo, over the years, remains the same d***IOM, only dry!” – desperately said the actress.

      Subscribers Anastasia immediately understood that we are talking about Semen Frolov. They insist that the girl went to the police and wrote a letter to ex boyfriend. “Take care of yourself Nastya, do not give offense! Evil must be punished. Such a fragile girl, how was it possible to do this to you. Such things cannot be forgiven”, “I was very shocked. I thought they were a lovely couple. I can’t believe Sam is capable of that, but he did it”, “it is Necessary to disclose the identity of the scum. Let everyone know,” wrote friends of the actress.

      “StarHit” contacted Semyon Frolov, however, to achieve the details of it and failed. The man noted that the signed social networks for her and saw her last post. However, the reality show participant is not aware that the incident accusing him. “Nastia ask. Don’t want to comment on this information,” said Simon.

      Recall that in 2015, Frolov and Sova-Egorova toured with the Comedy project “Sweet couple”. But soon the man decided to leave the Comedy show and returned to the telestroke.