Звезду «ДОМа-2» ограбили в Турции Maria Kohno was vacationing in Turkey with his family. At the airport, when she fed her nephew, the robbers stole her backpack with valuable things. A statement to the police, the reality star is not yet written.
Звезду «ДОМа-2» ограбили в Турции

Maria Kohno was one of the brightest participants of the project. After leaving the perimeter, the girl would often spend time abroad. So, recently she went on holiday to Turkey together with my mother, brother’s wife and nephew, where he became a victim of robbers. The attackers stole all the valuables of the girl, taking advantage of the distracted, to feed the baby.

As admitted herself Mary, the incident happened at the airport. Now 26-year-old violinist is in a state of shock, so this is not addressed in law enforcement bodies.

“It happened yesterday. All stolen a backpack out of the stroller with passports, money, thousands of euros, telephone, luxury cosmetics, designer jewelry, tablets, and chargers pulled out. I feel very bad. I wasn’t even paying attention, because standing with a child. We searched all over the airport this portfolio, did not find it, and then the security cameras saw it pulled! I was put on a plane, but the mood was terrible, I had absolutely everything,” – said Masha “StarHit”.
Звезду «ДОМа-2» ограбили в Турции

According to Kohno, she is very lucky that she was allowed to Board the plane. Left without documents and money, she is very worried that I would still have some time to stay in Turkey in order to settle the matter with a stolen passport.

“I was put on a plane, I quickly flew away. Otherwise I would have never released the further”, – said Kohno.

Masha is trying to treat the incident with optimism and hopes that in this way destiny took her from a larger trouble.

“I was just in shock. Hope it’s a sign: I will not lose something more, and maybe acquire,” said Kohno.