The star of “House-2” was accused of escorts

Звезду «Дома-2» уличили в эскорте Dasha Druziak engage in sexual intercourse for money. The girl told a show of a reality show than a surprise to the former young man Ruslan.
Звезду «Дома-2» уличили в эскорте

Dasha Druziak is one of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2”. Girl call this provocative. Her page on a social network filled with erotic photos in underwear. Druziak demonstrates a temper and often quarrels with other members of the reality show.

In the Studio “Analysis of the week” she was frankly told that once earned money doing escort. Dasha admitted it in front of your ex-boyfriend Ruslan.

“I am ashamed that I caused him a lot of pain. Yes, I spent time with other men, who were my sponsors. I asked him for forgiveness when he learned all this. It was hard to overcome, but we managed. I had been driven by the pursuit of money, materialism, I did not see happiness in the fact that people just next to me. Thoughts about money I was consumed,” explained Druziak.

Recall, Dasha came to the project in March 2018. She was 29 years old. She was born in Odessa, where he received the education of a translator. Initially she came to the project to Ilya Yabbarov, but he didn’t set her a test: to find a heart drawn on her body. Then she flew to the “Island of love”, where she became interested in other guys. With Ruslan, she did not have a strong relationship. However, Dora noticed that she became interested in Andrei sabarin previously been to the project.

“Shabarin even admits that he likes me. On arrival at the island, he confessed to me his sympathy and said that when watching “House-2″, was isolated only to me. I was the most interesting and beautiful. He approached the guys and said that I like Dasha. Nastya Kocherva repeatedly shared with me that sabarin fell in sympathy for me. The fact that one of the reasons of her refusal to his proposal to marry him, I am,” admitted Druziak.

Dasha assumes that you will be able to meet his love on the island. “I’m on a roll. In front of all and Sundry. Race to your goal. The more I push, the more backlash. I have me, and we can handle it. Remember, if you really want something, all the universe will help to make your wish come true” – shared the girl in the microblog.

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