Звезду «Дома-2» ждет свадьба
The producers of the famous show told what the outcome of the project “Island of love”.

Alexey Kuznetsov

The producers of “House-2” ended the second
the season of the “Island of love”: this information was confirmed in a press-service TNT.
This decision was made by the creators of the reality show: ”
the project has not developed a single pair, so the project was closed ahead of schedule, —
they told 7days.ru.

However, the “Island of love” is not empty. Shooting
the band and producers have to wait in Seychelles of members of other
reality show “House-2” heroes of the contest “Wedding in a million”.

“Today is the last
day stay on the island the participants of the second season — shared the star of “House-2”
Nikita Kuznetsov. Tomorrow they leave for Moscow. And I’m staying here
wait for the participants of the “Wedding in a million!”

This year the competition will take place not only in the Meadow,
but in the Seychelles. The competition will be attended by 6 couples of the project. Compete for the main
the prize to the Seychelles will be sent to: Andrew Chuyev and Marina Afrikantov, Ivan Barzakov and
Lisa Polygalova, Olga Rapunzel and Dmitri Dmitrenko. Happiness is in the Meadow
try: Sasha Goias and Konstantin Ivanov, Ilya Yabbarov and Kate Kaufman, and
“pregnant” nanny Abramson and Valery Responsibility.

the struggle for the victory the contestants will perform various tasks together.
Which pair is the most sincere, and who is worthy of luxury wedding on
million rubles, the audience will decide by voting in the app

The competition
last aired on TNT from December 15 to February 6. Its results will be announced 14
February Valentine’s Day. Every Monday in the broadcast of TNT — special
talk show, where they will be declared the winners of each task of the competition.