Звезда «Дома-2» Виктория Берникова об угрозах экс-супруга: «Я жила как в аду» The woman is very frightened by the behavior of Leonid Plainsboro. According to her, ex-husband chasing them with a child and does not allow them to live in peace. While the former participant of reality show doesn’t know how to resolve the issue.
Звезда «Дома-2» Виктория Берникова об угрозах экс-супруга: «Я жила как в аду»

The star of “House-2” Victoria Bernikov almost died at the hands of the ex-spouse. The model, who gave birth to a lovely boy last fall, was the victim of aggression by Leonid Plainsboro. It turned out that some time ago a man robbed the mother of your child a phone, and showed aggression towards her. Parallel to the ex-chosen post in the social network of happy pictures of Victoria with son nobody realized what was happening.

As claimed by Bernikov, Leonid promised to come to him, explaining that he wants to see the baby. However, during the visit, he insisted on reconciliation with the mother of his son, but she didn’t want to resume any kind of relationship, which angered him.

“Ex-husband won’t let me go, haunted, life does not give me. It does not control him. We had a serious conflict. “Instagram” is still not me. He writes to my mother, friends, starts to threaten”, – told Victoria “StarHit”.
Звезда «Дома-2» Виктория Берникова об угрозах экс-супруга: «Я жила как в аду»

Bernikov claims that Leonid was arrested, spent a few days in jail. According to Victoria because of the ex-spouse she was forced to leave the business and move to another city. The reality star is planning to make it so that he couldn’t even get close to her and the child. While the woman finds out these questions with your lawyer.

“We had a serious conflict, I took the statement more than once, because I trusted him. He shouted and swore that they will no longer raise a hand. However, after giving birth, I lay with brain injury. Everything was repeated many times,” explained Bernikov.

At the moment the woman support Kuma, parents, brother. Victoria worried that after the incident, her son became restless to sleep.

“I was in hell with this person. He did not give me the opportunity to leave. If I were suicidal, I would have stayed with him. He abruptly changed the mood. Everything he writes in social networks, not true. He had not seen the child for several months. He lives on the public, on the Internet. The son he did not need. He is mentally ill,” – says Victoria.
Звезда «Дома-2» Виктория Берникова об угрозах экс-супруга: «Я жила как в аду»

A woman is forced to earn and maintain the child. According to her, due to Leonid, she started having health problems. She can not overcome depression. But because of the injuries inflicted on her ex-husband, her eyesight worsened, and Victoria is forced to wear glasses. Bernikov believes that he is obsessed with the persecution, therefore, came over her even in Anapa, where she hid from him. Victoria remembered as Leonid has long sought it. The man saw a girl on TV and wish she was with him.

Звезда «Дома-2» Виктория Берникова об угрозах экс-супруга: «Я жила как в аду»“We wanted a child. I thought that the relationship will change. But then it got worse after Leo was born. My son is an angel who feels everything. He is not capricious, never cries,” said Bernikov.

According to the ex-participant of the TV show, he threatened all. As Vic says, he’s brought her mom to a pre-stroke condition. In turn, Leonid often stands up to his mother with a man. While Bernikov doesn’t want to forgive my ex-husband.

We will remind that Leonid Plasynski always differed special cruelty. Friends claimed that he once killed in front of darling little dog. Despite this disappointment in the marriage, Victoria still hopes to find happiness.