The star of “House-2” Rita Kern wants to make peace with his father-a priest

Звезда «Дома-2» Рита Керн мечтает помириться с отцом-священником Former member of telestroke said, why not communicate with a parent for ten years. But now, according to Rita Kern, the situation has changed. In addition, the fatal brunette told about teenage dreams related to religion.

Margaret Kern has repeatedly admitted that does not communicate with the father. The reason for the protracted conflict has become a way of life of the girl. Relative Busty brunette can’t deal with her popularity and revealing outfits, because he, being a priest, wanted for his daughter a fortune.

During the live broadcast Kern said that in adolescence under the influence of his father dreamed of becoming a mother in a monastery.

“Dad fixed me up with a seminarian, wanted me to follow in his footsteps. If I could go back and live a new life, it would be a very interesting experience,” said the star of controversial TV show.

Rita admits that her communication with the father is long gone. Relatives do not see each other and not talking to each other. The very core it hurts, because she sincerely loves dad and wants to someday establish a relationship with him.

“I’m ready to reconcile. It seems the Pope has reached enlightenment and is therefore able to take me,” shares the experiences of Margarita.

Recognition scandalous brunettes caused controversy among her fans. Many of them wished Kern as soon as possible to resolve family conflicts, but there were also those who defended the position of his father-priest. “I understand why dad doesn’t want to communicate, And as a Minister of the Church could grow such a liberated daughter”, “Try to change externally and internally. Maybe then, too, will come to God”, was the opinion of fans of the Margarita.

Previously she has repeatedly admitted that the father raised her in line for a long time not allowed to communicate with men. However, in 18 years the core was flown from the family nest, and almost immediately began to bathe in the attention of the opposite sex.

After leaving the “House-2” the Busty brunette has become very popular. Now Margarita is building career models and actively shares his candid photos. Every post girls on Instagram cause violent reactions from its subscribers. Figure Kern has been repeatedly criticized, but it is not going something to change in yourself.

Despite the abundance of provocative images, she tries not to advertise personal life. She regularly shows expensive gifts from fans, but it does not name alleged lover. During the live broadcast for the magazine “the House-2” Kern also tried to avoid the topic of relationships.