Звезда «Дома-2» Ольга Сокол: «Я боюсь потерять зрение» Ex-participant reality show told how she will restore your health. According to Olga Falcon, it will have to go with silicone in the eye for about three months. She fears she won’t be able to see.

Recently former participant of “House-2” Olga Sokol reported in social networks that are faced with serious health problems. According to her, she suddenly deteriorated vision. The girl admitted that just did not apply to doctors, so did not know how serious it is. “StarHit” talked with Olga and found out exactly what happened.

“I went to the ophthalmologist and was examined and found that I have a running retinal detachment. I was sent to Krasnodar, laser it can no longer be solved. I was sent for surgery. The surgery was very difficult. Was operated on, but two days later I lost vision in my right eye. Recently re-drained the fluid, put the silicone on for three months. One eye I’m almost blind. But on the other also need an operation,” – said Olga.

Because Falcon is a citizen of Ukraine, she had to do the operation for a fee. “Cheap happened. This clinic Fedorova, branch. I was in surgery the best doctor. He said he was a very good chance that in three months I will be able to see something. I go home, will be outpatient treatment. But go on drip, injections. Treated with antibiotics because the inflammation has not yet passed, but don’t know anything yet. I’m afraid because when you take the bandage both eyes can’t see. I’m only 28 years old and my work is connected with texts, so scary,” said the girl, in an interview with “StarHit”.

Now Olga is recovering at home. She was glad to return to my family and to celebrate the holiday with their families. She is supported by family and friends. “The first steps in rehabilitation is the removal of the bandage. It would seem, a trifle, but now for me this is the most difficult. Understand when eye closed with a bandage, I just see a white background. It’s like a screen saver on the phone. Think I chose this, and if you change your mind, let’s pull back the curtain, everything will be as before. In the eyes immediately becomes cloudy, vision is scattered around all the doubles, and even troitsya. Hard to move around because you can’t feel the boundaries”, – shared with the girl followers.

Apparently, the husband of Olga was always there for her. She thanked him, noting that not even the thought that such people are in real life, not in fairy tales. “All of this I would not have survived without the man who hasn’t left me a single step, without the man, whose Hyper can only dream of,” said Falcon.