Звезда «Дома-2» Ольга Рапунцель оправдалась за работу в интимных чатах The girl explained this by the need to earn a living. The confessions of Olga, for such activities, it not going to come back, but not ashamed of such a dubious past. Rapunzel is convinced she committed nothing to be ashamed of, and people have no right to judge her.

      Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Olga Rapunzel regularly have to face criticism in his address. The girl gets along poorly with the other inhabitants of the famous telestroke and from time to time picks the conflicts. Without judgment on the part of the audience is complete. The reason for this is often not only the behavior of Rapunzel on the Playground, but her scandalous past.

      For anybody not a secret that previously the long-haired contestant of reality show made a living shooting erotic content video. At some point, the videos in which she appears half-naked, were found by the users and made public. Since it’s difficult for her to restore the reputation, and after a time, Olga learned it is easier to treat this and found an excuse for their actions.

      “My friend worked at one of the sites for foreigners and asked for my help to raise her rating to joint participation in the video – says Rapunzel. We were naked and imitated some affection. Look, I love her body, I love it when they look at me and make compliments. This is cool, especially if you still get money for it”.

      Participant of “House-2” says: my body, she did not sell, during the recording of intimate clips you want to video chat it does not touch any man, but in real life the persistent suitors she altogether refused to communicate. In short, the experience Rapunzel sees it as an opportunity to earn money very easy way.

      “I got on the car and a small apartment in Vladivostok. In fact these sites can be at least a day to sit and get from five to ten thousand dollars a day. I went only for two or three hours,” explains the girl.

      By the way, Olga’s mother fully supported her and condemned for questionable past. According to inhabitants of telestroke, when she will give birth to a child, and he eventually finds out, she will find ways to explain to him why she is gone. Now, looking back, she realizes that it was ruled by the envy people around Rapunzel lived in a big way, and she, too, longed for luxury.

      “All my girlfriends have ensured the girls who are in what does not deny. They make expensive purchases, abroad, they have wealthy husbands. I’ve always wanted to live in prosperity, – frankly said Olga in an interview with “House-2″. Alas, my parents could not afford such. I was helped by men and to the good life quickly”.

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