Звезда «Дома-2» Оксана Ряска обвинила Елену Корикову в крахе личной жизни Ex-member of telestroke jealous actress to her chosen Sergei. Oksana Duckweed said Elena Korikova often called a businessman and asked him for the money. The actress in an interview with the alleged opponent has refuted speculation about a romance with an old friend.
Звезда «Дома-2» Оксана Ряска обвинила Елену Корикову в крахе личной жизни

In a recent interview with 29-year-old ex-participant reality show “House-2” Oksana Duckweed stated that she crossed the road actress Elena Korikova. According to the star telestroke, the actress stole her man – 50-the summer businessman Sergey from St. Petersburg.

According to Oksana, her choice met Elena in new York. Then the star of cinema and theatre has tried to build a career in America. The attempt of the actress were not successful, and an affair with a wealthy businessman was fleeting. After breaking up ex-beloved has continued to communicate. When Korikova came to the cultural capital, she preferred to stay with Sergei. This friendship was the cause of fights between Oksana and her partner.

“The actress could call Serge and ask for money — 300 thousand rubles, half a million. On the basis of this we have constantly had a quarrel — why should he give such a large amount to the woman whose has its lovers. Of course, I didn’t like is communication. My choice was locked in the office and whispering to her on the phone, didn’t want to hear this talk,” – says the girl.

Duckweed curled, Helen was left at a friend’s house my stuff. Oksana is not happy with this situation, so she burned the clothes of the actress. While Duckweed cohabited with businessman Korikova did not come to him. Instead, old friends liked to meet in restaurants. Ex-member of telestroke sure: the actress chatted with Sergei, guided by selfish interests.

“He was like her purse with money, says the star. — Sergei even helped Elena to finish the house. And he was just flattered by close Association with such a famous actress. All we did was fight because of her. Probably broke up partly because of this. The initiator was he,” says Moss.

After Oksana broke up with the businessman, he blocked her on social networks. Star telestroke sure that he still communicates with the actress. Instagram Korikova appeared a photograph taken on the terrace of the house of a former lover Duckweed. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” were shocked by the. According to Oksana, the actress allegedly tried on her jacket. Perturbed Duckweed wrote a message Korikova in direct. The star has reviewed the proposed review of the competitor and answered her.

“Sergei told me that you are jealous of him to me. I hope not because of this split, would be stupid. Serezha – a longtime friend of my mother, even with America, we’ve been friends for a very long time. And what you probably thought was never even in thought. I hope you make it up, we will get acquainted and you calm down on this. About the jacket – that gave the allotment. Not say that it is yours,” leads Dom2Life.ru the message of the actress.