Звезду «Дома-2» Николая Должанского выгоняют на улицу He had problems with relatives. Dolzhansky is in conflict with his wife’s brother. According to him, she tries to solve the housing problem, insisting that housing was razmahnino.
Звезду «Дома-2» Николая Должанского выгоняют на улицу

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Nikolay dolzhanskiy won the TV show notoriety. 46-year-old man always openly expressed emotions and liked to drink. Now he meets a girl – Katya Bogdanova. While Dolzhansky failed to buy housing, so he lives in a one bedroom apartment with his parents in Mar’ina Roshcha.

Lately his brother’s wife wants to privatize the property, then to make a profitable exchange.

“The apartment is registered for six people. My parents, brother, sister and nephew. Although actually living only three: me, mom and dad. For quite a long time the wife of the brother insisted that housing was privatized, and subsequently she wants to change it. My brother and his wife now live at Tiffany’s, apparently, they want to improve their living conditions, and parents support them. However, I’m not ready for this turn of events, because I don’t know where I will live in the future”, – says Nikolay.

Sometimes relatives Dolzhansky back to visit them and arrange scandals. So, once his daughter-in-law arrived with a bottle of brandy, being in an alcohol intoxication. “She made a scene and a fight. Were throwing punches at my girlfriend Katya Bogdanov with the requirements to leave the living space. Brother can not affect the wife, as it is very soft and henpecked. Daughter in law accuses me, says I make a mess in the apartment, although it’s a complete lie,” – says a former member of telestroke.

To resolve the conflict by the wife of the brother of Nicholas appealed to law enforcement agencies. “She wrote a statement to the police after a fight with Katya Bogdanova. Though she beat my girl. So donâ filed a counter-statement. Now the daughter-in-law threatened that they will call the precinct and insist on my eviction. I’m going to defend their rights and ready for court if required,” said Dolzhansky in conversation with Dom2Life.ru.

We will remind, Nikolay came into the “House-2” at the age of 39 years. He composed a rap and fought for the attention of a member of Feofilaktova. “I write rap. I have it turns out very hard, “thug” and a hooligan. I’ve “read” on the project. Some love it, some don’t. In their texts I raise a very tough topic, so not everyone is ready to my poems. I wrote four novels. And maybe they will be published” – presented itself a man. However, the love for telestroke he never met.