Звезду «Дома-2» Мексику заподозрили в оказании интимных услуг за деньги The girl herself denies such speculation. Marina Mexico said that they are far from reality. Moreover, beauty is going to sue the authors of loud statements. Recently, she demanded moral compensation from Rustam Solntsev.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Marina Mexico are accustomed to the fact that her life becomes the subject of discussion to the public. However, there is a limit, and she decided to go to the police with a statement by Rustam Solntsev. Marina did not like that he publicly accused her of providing sexual services for money. Mexico flatly denies such speculation.

According to Marina, the rumors that she supposedly is a representative of the oldest profession, does not reflect the real picture of things.

“Every penny you earn an honest living. This is a blatant lie, to which I have no relationship,” she said.

While Mexico does not hide that he actually received indecent proposals, but has always rejected them. Star telestroke even identified the specific amount that willing to pay men a night. As it turned out, the Marina did not deceive even millions in royalties. Her slovam, your own reputation is much more important.

“It makes me so sick inside from such hints. Agreeing to sex for the grandmother, I lose in this life. Of course, finances play a big role, but for me it’s not the most important. When a man offers me sex for money, then immediately drops in my eyes, you just want to spit in his face. For the “magic” I was offered a large amount – from 50 thousand to 2.5 million, but to me it’s taboo,” shared the star.

Rustam Solntsev noted that he has a friend, an influential businessman. According to the entertainer, he regularly organizes dinners with former members of telestroke. Known and the amount of the fee for the time spent in the company of the entrepreneur. The sun claims that girls get in communication with him about two thousand dollars. Rumored to be among the companions of the men were and Marina Mexico. The sun also revealed that he was offered to be a mediator between affluent customers and young beauties, but he refused. “It’s not my kind of money,” – says Rustam.

According to Solntsev, girls often provide sexual services for money, to raise self-esteem. However, this adversely affects their relation to men. “Stepping on this path, they cease to love truly”, – Rustam konstantiruyut.

Meanwhile Marina Mexico so much outraged by the remarks of the showman that is going to solve the issue through the courts. The girl requires Solntseva compensation in the amount of five million rubles, according to the magazine “House-2”.