The star of “House-2” Julia Efremenkova preparing for the wedding

Звезда «Дома-2» Юлия Ефременкова готовится к свадьбе The girl is going to legitimize relations with Sergey Kucherova. Behind Yulia long relationship and marriage with the actor of the film “Legend №17” Timur by Efremenkova. Thanks to the “House-2” the singer has found a new love.

31-year-old singer and host of the reality show “Dom-2” Julia Efremenkova (nee – Kiriyenko) is preparing for her wedding with her partner, 28-year-old Sergey Kucherova. Without thinking, she said Yes. According to Yulia, she is overjoyed.

Beloved star telestroke specially went to the Seychelles to make her an offer of marriage. Julia appreciated the efforts of the second half.

“Hurrah, my beloved proposed to me. It was like a fairy tale, couldn’t have been better! “The House-2″ we met each other, the Seychelles became a couple, so I’m very grateful that it was done that way. Once again convinced – when a man wants it without words doing! Thank you, my dear, for such a surprise,” shared the girl in social networks.

Julia thanked all members of the crew and other participants of the reality show. The boys fell asleep a few congratulations.

“Thanks to the whole crew, you could keep secret, but everyone knew. Thank you guys for the kind words! Once again convinced that the “House-2″ dreams come true! I want to tell you again I love you so much, katica” – appealed to Efremenkova Kucerova.

Viewers joined the warm wishes of future spouses. “You are the best couple,” “I wish you Happiness, and wish to carry your love through the years”, “Happy for you, you big fellows”, “take care of each other”, “I Love you. I watched the broadcast and just cry”, “until the tears chilled”, “Very cool, goose bumps”, commented followers lovers.

Efremenkova Yulia and Sergey Kucherov together for about a year. The relationship of young people began in February 2017. Stars “House-2” have come a long way to engagement. Between couples, passions were running high. They have on several occasions fought and then reconciled. In a fit of anger, Sergey and Yulia could afford rash decisions that increased the misunderstanding between them.

Previously Julia was married with the actor of the film “Legend №17” Timur by Efremenkova. A pair of officially terminated the relationship in July 2016 after a few years together. In a recent interview she said that her husband was not faithful, but the divorce happened for other reasons. Julia accused Timur of extravagance. According to the stars “House-2”, she didn’t feel safe next to Efremenkova, so I was scared to have children. Ex-wife of actor “Legends №17” called the true causes of divorce