The star of “House-2” Ivan Barzakov stole a car ex-girlfriend

Звезда «Дома-2» Иван Барзиков угнал авто бывшей девушки Law enforcement agencies turned ex-girlfriend of the controversial participants of the show Anita Vyatkina. According to her, during their relationship they bought an expensive car, but soon had a fight. Anita has gone to rest, and Ivan Barzakov in its absence sold the car.
Звезда «Дома-2» Иван Барзиков угнал авто бывшей девушки

Anita Vyatkina written statement to the police on ex-lover – scandalous participant of the project “House-2” Ivan Bursikova . According to the girl during their relationship they bought a very expensive car, but soon quarreled. Anita went on vacation, and the sex symbol of telestroke, meanwhile, has decided to sell, “Gelendvagen”, which was issued on Watkino.

In an interview with “StarHit” Anita confirmed the fact of sale of her car.

By the way, earlier photos with an expensive car the girl was regularly published in the Network.

On the project “Dom-2” Ivan Barzakov established himself as a womanizer and ladies ‘ man. Man connected relationships with vibrant women in the show. At the time he made the offer of marriage to Irina Pinchuk. But Ivan soon realized that would not be able to live life side by side with this girl, and therefore decided to part with it. Scandalous party didn’t suffer from loneliness… Then on his way he met Elizabeth Polygalova. Barsikow hinted that low opinion of the mental abilities of a new sweetheart.

“In 21 years I have always been given 30. And now everyone thinks I’m older. Is this specific some people – we used to grow up, but then stay the same. And in thinking Lisa is still young in some moments silly,” said Ivan.

Then Barsikow was fascinated by Marina Africanoboi. However, the relationship with another beautiful Ivan did not happen. In the beginning, the guy again tried to resume relations with Lisa Polygalova. Together they fled to Europe. Judging by the geolocation guys on Instagram, John and Elizabeth traveled to Germany and Austria.

Recently, however, combines images from Polygalova and Bursikova in the Network was observed.

As it turned out, Ivan decided to build a relationship with the entrepreneur Anita Vyatkina. Girl is engaged in the business of beauty. About it it is reported on the personal page in Instagram.