The star of “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov daughter owes hundreds of thousands

Звезда «Дома-2» Илья Яббаров задолжал дочери сотни тысяч The head of the ward home electroni of the country not paying child support. Despite loud statements Jabbarova the value of family and promises to always be with child, help his ex-wife and an heir to receive. In this connection, the 31-year-old member of the reality show serious problems with the law.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Илья Яббаров задолжал дочери сотни тысяч

      Project participants include many of the debtors. But unlike Andrey Chueva or Daria Pynzar, which has 500 rubles of fines for violations of driving rules, the 31-year-old Ilya Yabbarov, the head of the facility “House-2”, the problem with the law is much more serious.

      Yet singer from Saratov vengeance planning a wedding with a member of the project Katja Kaufmann, he did not pay the debt of alimony ex-wife, whom he divorced more than four years ago. Short-lived marriage, the couple had a daughter of Vladislav, she is now 7 years old. Ilya said screens that is going to visit with the baby, he has not seen since, as parted from her mother, but never kept his word.

      At the moment, according to bailiff it needs the former family 260 thousand rubles. Apparently, Yabbarov much cunning, when, referring to the ex-wife and daughter, said: “Know that whatever happens, I’m always there at any moment you can count on me”.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Илья Яббаров задолжал дочери сотни тысяч

      By the way, similar problems were and ex-member of “House-2” Eugene’s Cousin, who has a teenage son Mitya, born in marriage with Margarita Agibalova. For a long time the young father could not build a normal relationship with ex-wife. In addition, the former darling of the men shared with reporters the details of the communication within the family and hinted that he wouldn’t like to spend time with the child and almost not involved in his upbringing.

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      According to Margaret, Eugene paid child support only from time to time, and she was never sure that he just might get it. Only a few years later the parents of the little Mitya Cousin was able to communicate and build a dialogue. Now, apparently, the ex-spouses of claims against each other there.