The star of “House-2” Christina Deryabina getting married

Звезда «Дома-2» Кристина Дерябина выходит замуж  Ex-member of telestroke reported on the personal page in Instagram that soon her life is gonna change. Christina get married. Some time ago in one of the capital’s caterers her choice made proposals hands and hearts.
Звезда «Дома-2» Кристина Дерябина выходит замуж

Christina Deryabin became widely known after the participation in the project “Dom-2”. The girl did not differ attractive appearance, so after the project decided to resort to services of plastic surgeons.

By changing a few body parts, Christina found a true love. Elect ex-member of telestroke was Alexander Andrianov, the man works as a Director in “the House-2”. Well-known businessman Andrey Kovalev posted on Instagram a video in which a young man in love does offer deryabinoy, thus the businessman advertised his establishment.

“Hurrah! Sunflowers were a part of history !Christina Deryabina, participant of the TV project “Dom-2” and her boyfriend were guests in the “Sunflowers Art & Food”, and he made her an offer of marriage. She said Yes! “Sunflowers” connect hearts! Happiness and love to the young! Wedding!” – said Kovalev.

Christine also informed the users of the Network that will soon marry. The girl boasted with a ring and a bouquet of luxury red roses, which gave her Alexander.

“I said, “Yes,” said Deryabin.
Звезда «Дома-2» Кристина Дерябина выходит замуж

The star of “House-2” Christina Deryabina, which, like many participants in the project repeatedly laid on the table of the surgeon in front of cameras. Your change of character beginning with his enthusiasm for his chest. The girl claimed that she wanted to be like the other ladies of the project, Busty and attractive. Plastic surgeon tried to dissuade her from surgery, but Deryabina insisted. Previously “StarHit” published exclusive video that details the whole procedure from preparation to rehabilitation of the patient. The doctor managed to persuade Christine to 2.5, and she wanted a third. But scoliosis of the girls broke her plans. The operation was successful, a lot of guys “House-2” appreciated the charm of Christina.

After some time, Deryabina adjusted the lips that also liked her friends in telestroke. In one of the local talk show, the girl admitted that natural appearance it never had. So she decided to correct, reduce nose, well as Christina changed the color of the hair. For a long time she wears a bright blonde. And all Instagram ex-member “House-2” is replete with photos in pink.

Звезда «Дома-2» Кристина Дерябина выходит замуж

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