The star of “House-2” Anastasiya Lisova caught in a lie the wife of Dmitry Tarasov

Звезда «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова уличила во лжи жену Дмитрия Тарасова Ex-participant reality show negatively about Anastasia Kostenko. According to Lisovoy, the model only gives the impression of a naive and romantic girl. Says Anastasia, the wife of Dmitry Tarasov cheated on her.
Звезда «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова уличила во лжи жену Дмитрия Тарасова

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Anastasia Lisova has published a new edition of his video blog, which is extremely dissed the wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko. Former member of telestone believes that the model took the athlete of the family. According to Lisovoy, she met Kostenko during a photo shoot.

Anastasia said that is respectful to the former spouse Tarasov Olga Buzova. Ex-participant reality said that the first model I had made a good impression. Over time, however, the opinion Lisovoy has changed.

“In this day Kostenko seemed nice and cute girl, just an angel. It’s that looks can be deceiving. She talked about the breakup, about how brutally he treats her and how she is poor. We sympathized with her, trying to give wise advice, thinking that she was a naive little girl. And then it happens in a fight, start talking about the fact that Kostenko had taken away her husband…” – says the star of telestroke.
Звезда «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова уличила во лжи жену Дмитрия Тарасова

Hearing that the model had an affair with Dmitry Tarasov, Lisova wrote her a message. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” correspondence with Kostenko, in which she repudiated the relationship with the player.

“She said, “No, come on, it’s all lies, I’m gonna sue journalists.” In General, until the last lied. After a while a friend calls me and invites to the transmission. Suggested to say that Kostenko – mistress Tarasov. I refused, saying: “No, never in my life, she is such a good girl.” And after a while it turns out that it’s true. (…) In General, such a sweet girl, which allegedly offends the guy actually turned out to be agile bitch who stole her husband Oli Buzovoy. And now they live in a house that they built together with Olga” – shared Lisova.
Звезда «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова уличила во лжи жену Дмитрия Тарасова

She noted that she was very sorry for the ex-wife of footballer. “I can imagine how hurt she is. But keep in mind that appearances are deceiving. I know these “angels” – spoke star electroni. However, the husband Lisovoy, Mikhail noted that Kostenko was not obliged to tell her all the details of his personal life. Especially if they Tarasov was hiding his affair from the public.

“No, you know, she lied at the meeting, started to invent, when I realized that I am familiar with Olga Buzova… And when we met, she told me about the guy who allegedly did not even visit her in the hospital. Understand invented. I didn’t even want to discuss it. I don’t know why said just now,” said Anastasia.

Lisova added that she was unpleasant to feel cheated. “I can’t stand being lied to. I wanted to help her, I had the best of intentions. Felt like a total loser”, said Anastasia spouse.