The star of “House-2” Alexander Kharitonov dreams about guest marriage

Звезда «Дома-2» Александра Харитонова мечтает о гостевом браке Ex-participant of the TV project are not ready to live permanently with a man. Alexander Kharitonov afraid that it will irritate some habits and features chosen. She likes the format of relations “sleep and ran”.

The former participant of “House-2” Alexander Kharitonov is in no hurry to get married. She engaged in self-development, improving their acting skills and expanding the network of beauty salons. She admits that while her talents went unnoticed, so it doesn’t get invited to audition. With regard to relations with the opposite sex, here Alexander has chosen the user-friendly layout. It does not seek to live permanently with a man.

“For me, would be the guest marriage. Slept and ran normally. And wipe him drops in the bathroom to give him a place on my side of the bed. I can’t stand anyone. Can’t stand it when people shout at me…” – said Kharitonov.

Unlike other ex-participants of telestroke who have known the joy of motherhood, Sasha did not even think about children. She believes that have not met such person with whom it would be possible to have kids.

“The moment’s passed. Children need to have when you love a person so that he is ready to crush him in my arms… When you little… I loved so much in my life three times, and I’m not sure it will happen again” – shared the star of the reality show.

The girl maintains relationships with former participants of the teleproject. According to Sasha, she’s just about to talk to them. The girl doesn’t come back on “Dom-2” and laughs at habarovym by Ilya and Alexander by Gobozova, which are once again looking for love on the show. “What’s he all youngsters-we run hither? What in them interesting? Anything in mind, still no sex… it’s time to look for someone older, not a little boy,” says Kharitonov.

Sasha tries to follow the developments on the project. In particular, the girl praises the skills of leading, which help children to resolve conflicts and guide their thoughts.

“My vision of the absolute programs: from the point of view of professionalism, the best Andrei Cherkasov and Vlad Kadoni. Only Andrei overcompensating a little, but he has clear speech, and he knows what to say. As for Buzova and Borodina… They are so dear! It is an integral part of the “House-2″, and I can’t judge them. Olga Orlova — a little monotonous. She needs to work, even though she is an incredibly nice man. But she would feed Cherkasova,” shared Sasha live for edition Dom2life.