Звезда «ДОМа-2» Алена Ашмарина стала мамой во второй раз The former participant of “House-2” gave birth to a girl. Alena ashmarina and Ilya Grigorenko accept numerous congratulations. The happy parents have already chosen a name for the baby. Fans hope that soon the pair will baby.
Звезда «ДОМа-2» Алена Ашмарина стала мамой во второй раз

Former participants of the reality show “HOUSE-2” Alena ashmarina and Ilya Grigorenko became parents for the second time – they had a daughter. But the couple tries not to advertise this joyous event. “My miracle,” wrote a young mother in microblogging, posting a picture taken during pregnancy. Fans felt that the ex-member of telestroke still gave birth to a child, but not yet ready to show it. They are waiting when I see the first picture of the baby.

“Alena gave birth to a girl, on the 20th of July, called Alice. Now the girls are good. Dad on seventh heaven from happiness,” – said the assistant to Asmarinos “StarHit”.
Звезда «ДОМа-2» Алена Ашмарина стала мамой во второй раз

Reality TV star shared with fans his feelings about the second pregnancy. Alena admitted that she was tormented by severe morning sickness – she had suffered that he could not do the usual things, despite the early time. “I couldn’t really work, always wanted to sleep, I was sick, but didn’t tear. I went pale, tired, but very happy. Of course, well not work in first trimester, to be lying on the couch. Yes, oddly enough, my appetite is not as affected, on the contrary, I already ate for two. And gained more than Siusa. Imagine how I was in the room and spend all their Goodies,” – said ashmarina.

Spouses also had to go through a difficult period – in spite of the expectation of a second child, they separated. Ilya left the family because the wife was unhappy with his behavior – he once said that he would take a shower, and really just arguing with the phone in his hand. Apparently, the former reality show participant was so lost in thought that has not closed the door. It was at this point ashmarina, and he lashed out. The pregnant star of “House-2” Alena ashmarina explained the gap with Ilya Grigorenko

“Take responsibility for their own actions, stop blaming others! I keep quiet, how much I suffered neobratimykh of your escapades during this time, I bodyguards had to hire you! Should be ashamed, Ilya, blame me for your departure! Here from love to hate one step, so I never thought that I will cross!” – said Alain.

But after some time the young mother changed her temper justice with mercy and forgive your spouse. They are now happy to bring the second daughter.