The star of “Holiday in Mexico” told about the accident

Звезда «Каникул в Мексике» рассказал о ДТП The project participant has made arrival on the pedestrian in Nizhny Novgorod. From the received traumas the woman died. After the accident the driver abandoned the car and fled the scene. He was declared wanted.

      Звезда «Каникул в Мексике» рассказал о ДТП

      Last week Evgeny Kozhukhov, known to fans of the TV project “Holiday in Mexico” like Jackson, became a party to the accident. April 8, outside of the Executive Committee in Nizhni Novgorod the young man in a white foreign car has hit and killed a woman. As reported, local traffic police tried to stop the car at which wheel was Guarded, but the driver picked up speed and disappeared. A little later the car was found abandoned in one of the districts of the city. Kozhukhova mobile phone was switched off, which allowed law enforcement agencies to announce the TV star wanted.

      Two days after a fatal crash Eugene called the police and stated that he staged the accident. After some time the young man felt it necessary to confess in detail to tell, how all was actually. Tuesday Casings came to the police to confess. The investigation revealed that the deceased had a previous conviction, was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Mother knocked woman does not believe that the death of her daughter – Eugenia wines, she has no claim to it. Militiamen have yet to understand who is guilty in incident: a pedestrian or driver. Eugene was arrested for ten days.

      The police reporters reported that the issue of initiation of legal proceedings. Soon Eugene will bring in the Sormovo district court, which will consider his case. According to the article, the young man threatened with corrective works or imprisonment for up to five years. Probably Eugene is already attracted to his lawyer, and they will be able to resolve this issue.

      Eugene Covers not only participant of the project “Holiday in Mexico”, which ran into problems with the law. At the end of last year it became known that the winner of the second season of the show Catherine of Sounding cheated a travel company for a large sum of money. The girl went on a vacation to Cyprus free of charge by asking the travel agent to pay her the amount of 63 thousand rubles and promised advertising. After returning from vacation the Sounding forget about the money and did not respond to requests to repay a debt. For such a fraud the star faced up to five years in prison.

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