The star of “Harry Potter” John hurt passed away from cancer

Звезда «Гарри Поттера» Джон Херт скончался от рака Terrible diagnosis British actor put a year and a half ago. The famous artist died at the age of 77 years. John hurt was one of the most popular actors of world cinema, several times nominated for an Academy award “Oscar”.

      Звезда «Гарри Поттера» Джон Херт скончался от рака

      In the night of Saturday, the British media reported about the death of the famous actor John hurt. A few days ago, on 22 January, the international film star turned 77 years old.

      About the exact causes of the death of John hurt is not reported. But it is known that for several years of his life the artist was struggling with cancer. That he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, John hurt has told fans in the summer of 2015. It is worth noting that the actor ironic attitude to the subject of his own death, saying that is not afraid of it, because there had been on the screen countless times and managed to develop immunity to this sad event.

      “I think that in this sense, I set a record. I’ve reached the point that my own children will not ask, if I died, but rather curious how”, said John hurt in one of his interviews to British media.

      The Russian public the British artist known for the films “Indiana Jones” and “Alien”. In the series Harry Potter John hurt played Mr. Ollivander, the owner of the shop of wands. Well, the last film of the actor was the action adventure “the Legend of Tarzan”, which was released in the summer of 2016.

      John hurt was born January 22, 1940 in the English County of Derbyshire. On the big screen he made his debut in 1962. Attention Hollywood producers hurt drew in 1966, having played the Oscar-winning drama “a Man for all times”. Then, the actor has twice been nominated for an Academy award, for her role in “Midnight Express” in 1978 and work in the film “the elephant Man” in 1980. For these films, he received a BAFTA. A character named Caine created hurt in the movie “Alien”, was recognized as one of the most memorable in cinema history.

      In his artistic career, which lasted for nearly six decades, John hurt played over two hundred roles. In 2014, hurt was awarded the title of knight. The actor is a four-time BAFTA award winner and winner of the award “Golden globe”.