The star of “Happy together” has changed beyond recognition

Звезда «Счастливы вместе» изменился до неузнаваемости
Gray beard the actor surprised fans.

Viktor Loginov with his sons Ivan and Alexander

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Viktor Loginov, who came with the sons
eleven-year-old Alexander and six-year-old Ivan to take part in an unusual interactive “tree”, surprised the guests of the event. Have
they have the impression that the artist decided to not stay
recognized. Beard, glasses in a wide frame and a felt hat turned the star of “Happy together”
a completely different person. Interestingly, just recently the actor was seen on
another party, where he looked like the last year. In
described by the evening he was happy to give out autographs to their admirers.

By the way, to change the image and to grow a beard, the artist decided
after the third divorce. Then the fans of Victor agreed that
the facial hair suits him very well. Now, some fans believe,
what a beard it’s time to get rid of, since there is a lot of gray hair, which ages

Recall that about their divorce
third wife, Olga, Victor spoke for the first time during the filming of the show
“Money. Sex. Sciatica”. Loginov admitted that each of his subsequent
marriage has proved to be more robust compared to the previous. However, the “lifespan”
family life of the actor each time declined. Only Victor has already
there are five children, one of whom is adopted. Loginov tries for
able to devote time to your heirs and provide them with carefree