The star of “Game of thrones” told where and when he lost her virginity

Звезда «Игры престолов» рассказал, где и когда он потерял невинность
Kit Harington regrets that he jumped the gun.

Звезда «Игры престолов» рассказал, где и когда он потерял невинность

Kit Harington


30-year-old whale
Harrington, who plays one of the main characters of the cult TV series “the Game
of thrones,” recently puzzled his fans when he agreed to answer
extremely Frank question of the interviewer.

The reporter asked
actor, enjoys wide popularity among fans of the series, in which
the age and the circumstances under which Keith loses his virginity. And Harrington is not indignant, and calmly replied:
“It happened at a party, and it all happened exactly as it
usually in adolescents. Of course, I and my girl — we both wanted it. But now I
understand that hastened in vain. In such cases, it makes sense to gain
patient and wait for the situation gets out of control.” moreover, Harrington did not hide what he was then
it has been years. “About thirteen…” — admitted the actor. This story
appeared on the website

It’s funny that the character that Keith plays in
“Game of thrones” — Jon snow , unlike him, found his first love, being a grown man. By the way,
the actress, who played the series of his beloved — rose Leslie — life is
girl Harrington.

For the first time about their affair began in 2012. However, over the next two years, the paparazzi never managed to catch the whale and the rose together. But in 2014-m in love
finally confirmed that they’re Dating. However, it became clear that they –
a couple even earlier, when the actors appeared together on the red carpet ceremony
award ceremony of the Olivier Awards, and
both didn’t even try to hide the tender feelings to each other.

Kit Harrington and rose Leslie