The star of “Game of thrones” got into an awkward position

Звезда «Игры престолов» попал в неловкое положение
Keith Harrington offended colleagues.

Звезда «Игры престолов» попал в неловкое положение

Kit Harington in “Game of thrones”


30-year-old kit Harington was very
unhappy I met him at a recent costume party. All
it began with the fact that he conveyed an invitation to this event in the past
moment. Keith suddenly realized that he doesn’t have the right costume. The actor with his bride rose Leslie
rushed to the store for the masquerade, and managed to get there literally
a few minutes before it closed.

The saleswoman did not recognize the whale, observed, that he
“a little like that guy from “Game of thrones”. And decided that it would be very
great if he will be dressed in costume as Jon snow. Harrington wanted to explain
the employee of the store that he plays “that guy”, but his favorite rose pushed the actor elbow
the side and whispered that’ll keep loving him if he refused. In addition, the store already
closed, so look for another option. In the end, the emergence
Harrington at the cast party in a suit snow was greeted friendly
whistle. Keith ridiculed him, telling him that he is just boring and completely devoid of
imagination. The offended Harrington was immediately in a bad mood, and it’s all
the evening stood on the sidelines.

Keith the reaction of his colleagues seemed especially
unfortunate that he feels suit his character he plays is the seventh
season, the most warm feelings. He explained: when it is clothed in
the heavy cloak and the armor of John snow, he immediately begins to feel like a man
from another era. “For me, all problem to play modern heroes. After all
when I go to the set in jeans, I feel like myself, and
I have absolutely no feeling that I play some character…” —
admitted Harrington.

Kit Harington with his bride rose Leslie