Звезда «Игры престолов» впервые откровенно рассказал о своем романе
Kit Harington is ready to start a life together with his beloved

Kit Harington and rose Leslie


Recently, Kit Harington,
who plays in the cult TV series “Game of thrones” the main role of Jon snow,
impressed their fans by sharing the first time the details of his love story.

Rumors about the affair Harrington
and actress rose Leslie, who played beloved his character, started
to spread even in 2012. However, just a year later, according to
overseas media, they broke up. Later, Keith and Leslie, like, back together,
but certainly nothing was known. Although in April last year, Harrington appeared with rose on the red carpet, and later began to spread
gossip that Harrington allegedly began an affair with Emilia Clarke,
who plays in the series the Mother of Dragons. But, as it turned out, although China and
Emilia several times seen together, it was a purely friendly relationship.

Only at the beginning of this
may Harington and rose finally convinced everyone that they do again
together, appearing together on the island of Santorini, where we spent a romantic
vacation. There they didn’t even try to hide their feelings to each other,
kisses and hugs at every opportunity.

Now Keith, who
before very reluctantly told about his personal life, in an interview with Esquire, he suddenly admitted: “At the present time and my girlfriend
Leslie snow live together in our apartment in new York. And I certainly didn’t want
would say for two, but we’re very, very happy together.” However, as explained Harrington, they with Leslie yet
decide which city to choose as a permanent place
of residence. “I have a very changeable nature. Today I am looking for a house in the British
the province, and tomorrow I can start moving to Florida!” – told the whale. But about whether
they are with Leslie to play in the foreseeable future wedding, Harrington refused to speak