Звезда «Игры престолов» опозорился в баре
Kit Harington said in an awkward situation.

Kit Harington


Kit Harington, famous for his role as Jon snow in the cult TV series “the Game
of thrones”, again compromised himself in public. He obviously has not calculated its
hand, when he came to sit in the evening in one of the bars of Paris. In
the result in the network appeared the pictures, which kit looks more than just
it doesn’t matter. What purpose Harington, who has lived in Britain and
removed in the United States, came to Paris, yet could not figure out. We only know
his bride — rose Leslie, about the engagement which he stated last year,
this trip to France was not followed. Keith, who came to the bar to relax with friends, got too drunk and
quickly came to a “condition” that with great difficulty kept on his feet work
and was not able to leave the bar. He was taken under the arm one
of his friends. Just at this moment the whale and podkaraulili paparazzi.

This story would not be anything special, if such history has happened to
By Harrington for the last time not for the first time. Previous
“embarrassment” happened to him in January this year in new York, in a place called Barfly. Then very tipsy, and
loss of self-control 31-year-old Harrington was thinking,
it would be nice to play Billiards. But by this time he already, unfortunately,
was too drunk to behave normally. Keith grabbed the cue and, instead,
to try to score the ball in the hole, and began pounding it on the table, and then
began to stick to my guns in the face of players standing around, awaiting their

The result
The Harrington was asked politely to leave the bar. He was obeyed, but then
somehow he changed his mind and came back, got in a fight. Then Keith
was expelled from the bar by force. And, while the guards dragged him to
out he rendered them fierce resistance. Both these stories are very disappointed
fans of the actor.