Звезда «Бойцовского клуба» стал невольным виновником трагедии
Edward Norton could lose $ 7 million.

Звезда «Бойцовского клуба» стал невольным виновником трагедии

Edward Norton

Photo: Zuma/TASS

48-year-old Edward Norton was involved in a terrible
accident. He personally did nothing wrong, but the fault belonging to him
production company Class 5 Films burned down a whole building and killed people.

During the filming
the movie “Motherless Brooklyn”
on the territory adjacent to the set, the fire started. All this
occurred in the basement of a residential building which housed the Studio Class 5 Films. Broke out the fire spread quickly to the upper floors. In the end the building
was completely destroyed. The residents, luckily, managed to evacuate, but
one of the firefighters who fought the fire, died.

With Norton and it
the company is now suing the group of tenants, headed by Eric and some
George Cruz. In his statement, the tenants have indicated that they require compensation in
7 million dollars — for loss of personal belongings and compensation for moral
damage due to shock from the incident. According to residents,
representatives of the Studio not timely informed them about the commencement of the fire to
they were able to make the building at least the most valuable things and documents. Besides
also, the victims said that the fire
— not just an accident, he allegedly was the fault of the staff
company Norton, who was negligent when working with flammable

Photo: Zuma/TASS