The star of “Dr. Richter” Sergey Gubanov: “the Younger steers all in the family”

Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье» The actor played one of the roles in the show of channel “Russia 1” devoted to the extravagant doctor performed by Alexey Serebryakov. Sergey Gubanov spoke about the work with a famous artist, and also explained how to resolve conflicts and shared their children’s success.
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»

On the channel “Russia 1” show “Dr. Richter”. The painting is called the Russian answer to the American TV series with Hugh Laurie. One of the roles it played Sergey Gubanov. Viewers know him through participation in such projects as “Crazy”, “How to marry a millionaire” and “Alien life”. Gubanov is not only a popular actor but also a perfumer, working with the stars of show business. In may this year, appeared on the shelves of the fragrance “Game” created by the artist together with Nikolai Baskov. Besides, Sergey is a caring family man, a father of three daughters. The actor told “StarHit” about the upbringing of children, attitudes to criticism and the lessons of Philip Kirkorov.

How do you feel about the medical profession? Do you self-medicate?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Medicine is one of the most difficult areas. People who take responsibility for our lives, without exaggeration, worthy of awards and titles. I like the system family or personal doctors, when the doctor nearly your friend: knowing you, your lifestyle and habits, it is easier to understand what was the cause of illness. The self is not involved: if anything, immediately go to a specialist. The profession requires, you should always be healthy, and no experiments with them is not permissible. The same applies to children. If you see that the girls just had a fever, call the doctor. —
The Russian version of “Dr. house” met with a very mixed reaction. Do you think what is the fundamental difference of our work from overseas?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Of course, we’ve got a very different film, despite the fact that our project is an adaptation, according to the plan as close as possible to the original. Don’t know what is the fundamental difference, perhaps, in the mentality of people and the differences between the two States. Abroad health care is more advanced. We also climatically different countries, so we have different habits and diseases, respectively, too. It was difficult to adapt the project for our reality, largely due to small parts. Thus, in “Dr. house” almost all patients live in private homes, and at us it would look funny. I can say that the work was challenging but interesting, and the team is excellent. Alexey Serebryakov coped brilliantly with the role, I was curious and instructive to be on the same site. I’m happy with.
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»
Would you like to address to the expert with the character of Dr. house?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»The choice of doctor is not the search for the perfect fitting suit or steak in the restaurant. His purely personal qualities pale into insignificance when you realize that only he is able to save your life.—
You are just an actor, but also a perfumer. What kind of perfume do you prefer in everyday life?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Use your perfume, because originally did it for myself, when there was a jump course. Then my favorite perfume has risen in price five times. So there were two of the first aroma. My friends “sensed” and have been asking them to do the same. So I realized that this could be an interesting case.
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»
How often do surrounding consult with you when choosing fragrances?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»They come and ask what perfume I recommend. Honestly, I do not like to advise in this matter, I think it is very subjective. There is a standard classification, which States that heavy fragrances are more suited to people with dark hair and dark skin, and light odors light. But the more I communicate with our customers, the more these rules are crumbling before my eyes. The ideal option is to use the tester and at home, in a relaxed atmosphere, to try different options on the body and listen to how each one of them reveals how comfortable with him. If you wore perfume and not feel them, so they are suitable for you. —
Tell us about a joint project with Nikolai Baskov. What an impression it made on you?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»With Nicholas it was very interesting to work with: he’s a busy person, creative, demanding. At the time of project development it was in full swing of the rehearsals of the show “the Game”, which he had to submit to the Kremlin. The perfume was going to present there. We took into account the wishes of Nicholas and in creating the fragrance and designing the bottle and packaging. The idea of the gold on black belongs to him. And I think the project turned out good. The most difficult part of our cooperation was to find a time to meet. Remember, I’m calling Nicholas to agree to discuss the layout of the box, and he is in Petersburg and is preparing for the concert on Palace square. Says, “I’m Peter, come here, we’ll go on tour in Russia and another opportunity to meet will not.” That’s how we work…
How lucrative perfume business? Who else from the stars plan to cooperate?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Our company is young, she’s two. We continue to work – go ahead and try to take into account the trends to be fashionable, popular and not to strike in a dirt the person. It takes time and money: yet will bring the flavor to perfection, while approve is not a cheap pleasure. All bought in France, and they have a short shelf life. We now have in the development of two projects with the stars, but say they don’t. Stay tuned!
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»
At the beginning of your career you worked with Philip Kirkorov. What are the lessons you got from him?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»I worked in a musical band, and we played part of their tour of Philip Kirkorov. Learnt a lot from him: hard work, calmness, dedication, criticism. —
Often in his native Nizhnekamsk?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Recent years, do not fly there since my parents moved to Moscow. Several trips to Perm, where he lived after high school, but too infrequently.—
How daughters relate to what you the actor? Do the movies with your participation?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»The youngest, Katya, is in favor of cartoons, I have not yet filmed. Like all four year old children, she plays and knows this world. Katya is very naughty and steers all in the family. Angelina looks some projects, but she’s an athlete, champion of Russia in rowing, and she has absolutely no time for TV. Elder, Karina, went in my footsteps and ends up in the theater Institute. I confess, until recently, thought she would choose another profession, but when she said she wanted to become an actress, we supported it. For her I am first and foremost a dad, and only then — an artist. All the way – from admission to the University to search for roles and the first shots – Karina goes away. Think that’s right.
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»
How do you prefer to solve conflicts in the family, if they arise?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»All the issues necessary to discuss during “table talks.” You need to be able to engage in dialogue and to compromise.—
How you a strict father? Is it easy to let go of daughters on party?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Sometimes you have to be strict: to carry out educational measures and seriously explain. Of course, girls can get upset, even cry. But it is important to stick to one line of conduct: if you don’t tell, then no one else will. And it’s hard. Good news is that this rarely happens. We in the family prefer to explain with love. From the moment of birth into the light of the need to respect it as a separate independent person and not try to realize their unfulfilled desires. Support the child in his choice — be it a circle or profession and certainly help him in every way. Let children learn the world, their bumps and learn. And you help them to make the right conclusions out of every situation.—
How much do you think our society is adapted to the special children (the youngest daughter of Sergey Gubanova a congenital defect – on the one hand, no fingers. – Approx. ed.)?
Звезда «Доктора Рихтера» Сергей Губанов: «Младшая рулит всеми в семье»Our society is not very adapted neither to the people nor to the children with special needs, tolerance should be brought up from early childhood, and it should deal with parents. The problems are so many that it should be discussed not with me, and those who are engaged in social issues.