Звезда «Грязных танцев» отказалась сняться в ремейке

Mostly remakes of various films are created not on the presence of interesting ideas, but to capitalize on already propilena name.

The next remake will soon be more.

Channel ABC has started shooting a new version of “Dirty dancing” in 1988, which starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer grey.

We know that the new Dirty dancing will have three series. The three-hour production of the film Studio Lionsgate TV will do Allison Shearmur (“the Hunger games”) and Elinor Bergsten, who wrote the screenplay for the original film.

Starring Abigail Breslin (baby) and a Colt the Pratts (johnny). Also in the film appears singer Nicole Scherzinger, who will perform the role of the partner of the main character named penny.

To take part in the project refused Jennifer grey.

According to the actress, she doesn’t see sense and the need to appear in a new film.

“I’m always interested in any repetition of something that has great potential, and would really like to see what’s up this time. My only advice to the authors: shoot your movie,” said 56-year-old grey.

Note that this answer actress surprised the creators of the remake, because they wanted to get back to Jennifer in the media, where she disappeared shortly after the premiere of the film.

Many believe that the cause of the demand was the fact that the actress has changed the most recognizable line of his face – nose. Jennifer turned to the surgeons who reduced her nose, thus making her look like the others.

Fans believe that changing the nose, the actress has lost flavor.

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