The star of “Deadpool” Morena, Baccarin ex-husband pays monthly child support

Звезда «Дэдпула» Морена Баккарин платит бывшему мужу ежемесячные алименты

Blockbuster “Deadpool” has become the loudest premiere early 2016. The film, which was launched on Valentine’s Day, is not deprived of attention of millions of viewers, thereby adding to his collection of hundreds of millions of dollars. In this regard, the fees of the actors have achieved high marks, but for some of them it was not at hand. For example, in the case of the performer of the role of the beloved Deadpool Moraine, Baccarin high fee was the cause of her losing in court in the divorce case.

The court ruled that the monthly Morena has to pay her ex-husband of 20 thousand dollars for its maintenance. At the moment this amount is already reached half a million dollars. Now Baccari intends to appeal the decision because her ex-husband is living solely on the money and not even going to bother to search for work.

Recall that the divorce with the actress initiated the Austin chick (husband Moraine, Baccarin) when I found out about her affair with Ben McKenzie. Later the rumors about the affair Moraine and Ben confirmed, and in the spring of 2016, the couple had a daughter.