Звезда «ТАНЦЕВ» Мигель взял малыша из приюта Choreographer of the popular project helped the pup find a new home. Miguel decided to have a pet, but opted not purebred dog, but a simple mongrel. The dog Barium has already settled into the house of the artist.

      The 30-year-old Miguel has a new pet – a dog named Barium. Three-month puppy-pooch choreographer of the project “DANCING” on TNT was taken from a shelter for animals. While Miguel changed the dog’s name – now it’s not Fabio, as he was named the volunteers Olga and Lera, and Barium.

      Initially to visit the puppies arrived leading choreographer dance show Ekaterina Reshetnikova – she met the dogs and the girls who take care of them. By the way, her husband Max Nesterovich, part of the winnings after winning on “Dancing” on her initiative gave it to the animal shelters. Kate has personally inspected a large number of different places not to err in the direction of help. Having been in one of these kennels home of volunteers, Reshetnikova told about his little wards Miguel. Apparently, the choreographer was so pleased with the dog that he decided in that whatever was to take her to himself.

      “Yes, I actually took a yard dog, but don’t want to advertise,” he admitted “StarHit”.

      According to Miguel, Barium quickly settled in a country house of the artist. Thus, the dancer fulfilled his lifelong dream. “I really want a dog, but I won’t have time for her. In childhood I had a dog that I did a lot,” admitted Miguel in an interview about a year ago.

      A few days ago to rest in the hands of volunteers puppies looked and another star guest – singer Olga Orlova. It is likely that some animals are very attracted to a famous singer. It is possible that the eagles will soon have a new pet.

      This is not the first time celebrities take homeless animals. In one of the nearest numbers “StarHit” read how have changed life cats, dogs, foxes and other animals after falling into good hands to Constantine Habenskogo, Svetlana resinol, Dmitry Pevtsova.

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