The star of “cooking” admitted that during the filming was on the verge of bulimia

Звезда «Кухни» призналась, что во время съемок была на грани булимии
Valery Fedorovich, who played in the project of the chef of molecular cuisine, spoke about the problems she had to face.

Звезда «Кухни» призналась, что во время съемок была на грани булимии

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Valery Fedorovich played in the series “Kitchen” Katya Semenova — the daughter of the chef of the restaurant “Claude Monet” by Victor Barinov (Dmitry Nazarov). The heroine Valerie spent several years in France then returned to Russia a certified specialist in molecular cuisine. But “in life” any kind of skill Fedorovich possesses, moreover, its “ceiling” — scrambled eggs and potatoes with mushrooms. The fact that the relationship with food Valerie difficult. The last three years she was on the verge of bulimia and learn how to cook professionally is not the most urgent task for her.

Olga Kuzmina on the set of the TV series “Kitchen”

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“I guess we need to talk about it, because in a similar situation, be a girls, — said Yanukovych. — I would like to warn them that they will not commit such error. It all started during my studies in my fourth year of Schepkin school — it was then that I foolishly got myself created this problem. At the very moment when I finally passed in the adult state, reformed my body, I suddenly began to feel that I have extra weight, and I practically stopped eating. With the growth of 1.73 weighed 54 pounds. Remember, I called our family friend, the physician, and in tears told me that I am constantly hungry and I have all the time a stomach ache, although the gastroenterologist said that I was all right. Three years it lasted insane. I lost weight, then again gained weight. On the fifth season of “Kitchen” I very much recovered, although he played sports, not eating after six, but the extra pounds didn’t leave. And then I just recognized that I have a problem. And this is the first step to ensure that everything returned to normal. I must say that this year alone I have lined up your diet, learn to listen to your body. You do not need any exhausting diets or exercising beforehand. I realized that the body fails when you start to go against him. And a miracle happened! Now if at eight o’clock I want to eat pasta with cheese and drink wine, then do it. But I know that night I will not torment the hungry. Surprisingly, besides the fact that my weight came back to normal, I no longer want junk food. Now I’m even calmer attitude to sweet, although I was just obsessed. The secret is simple: you need to stay in tune with your body, don’t limit yourself, but not to overfill; to live in pleasure, but with the mind”.

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