The star of “cats” ignores the opinion of the audience

Звезда «Мурки» игнорирует мнение зрителей
Actress Maria meadow openly talked about how her life has changed with the advent of popularity.

Maria Meadow

Photo: the First channel

After the release
series “Murka” which with great success was held on the First channel, Maria meadow woke up famous: although in the film industry for a long time. In a candid
an interview with “Collection Caravan of Stories” the actress said on how she reacts
on a sudden struck her glory, and how, becoming a national star,
to remain in first person.

“I know that some abused my cat and all our
movie, but the reviews are not read. I learned a long time ago, when I was working in
St. Petersburg at the Alexandrinsky theatre, says Lugovoi. — In the corridor was
a special stand, on which hung the newspaper clippings. Once released a new
of course, I began to read the Newspapers. Passing by the wonderful Victor
F. Smirnov, people’s artist of Russia. He looked at me and said, “Mashuni,
give you one piece of advice — never read! You critics know where
played well and where not. Read abusive article and you
to survive, but you still work in this performance”. I took it on

Trying not to pay attention to the opinions of the crowd,
which will always be detractors, Maria, however, listens to
some of the comments in his address. So, for example, recently meadow realized
she acquired a reputation as an actress with
a complex character.

“Say, meadow is very tough and demanding in
work, — says the actress. — If you feel that the scene isn’t working, requires
rehearsals and takes another and another, she spit, that is the second hour of processing. I
really very demanding, but I try to cultivate patience
understand that all people are different, they don’t have to think and act like me.”