Звезда «Бумера» заговорил о клинической смерти сына Maxim Konovalov recalled how he and his wife saved the child. Many years ago the actor almost lost my son. The star of “Boomer” told how because of medical mistakes nearly killed his only heir Misha. Even the doctors pronounced him clinically dead.

      Звезда «Бумера» заговорил о клинической смерти сына

      Russian actor Maksim Konovalov, famous for his role in the movie “Boomer”, together with his wife Svetlana, Truancy has three children: two daughters Irina and Masha, and a son Michael. Caring the father spends with the heirs free from all the filming pictures. This summer family movie stars went by car to the Black sea. Konovalov with his wife and children stopped visiting the producer of the film “Sparta” Fedor Kinigopoulos in Vityazevo village, located near Anapa.

      The child actor Masha and Misha go to sixth grade. Maxim says that due to the mistakes of doctors they almost lost my son 13 years ago. Child in a year and a half was injected with a vaccine from a vaccine reaction which was not fully understood by physicians. The boy survived clinical death.

      “The responsibility, of course, nobody has suffered, his wife first slipped the paper that she agreed to the vaccine, but no one said it was an experimental Belgian vaccine, which refused to the world. There have been cases with fatal outcome, some children were left permanently disabled. In the Morozov hospital where Misha was lying in intensive care, gave the conclusion that this is a reaction to the vaccine,” – said Konovalov about the incident with the heir.

      Parents put a lot of effort to restore the health of the child. However, a certain imprint on the development of the boy of this medical error still left. Mike is educated in a specialized school, where learning in each class of 6-7 people. After this incident, Maxim and Svetlana cautious approach to the recommendations of physicians.

      According to Konovalov, in their family, he performs the role of “good COP”, trying not deny anything to his heirs. The actor claims that greater rigour in the education of children showing mother. Maxim is happy that he has two daughters, poatage he teaches his son in the first place, to be fair to the fair sex.

      According to Konovalov edition of “Interlocutor”, he believes that it’s time to open start your own business, because the acting profession has become very unstable.

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