Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» лишился жилья
A terrible fire destroyed more than 100 homes.

As it became known, yesterday burned
down the house johnny Galecki star of TV series “big Bang Theory”. The home of the actor was the victim of a large-scale fire. Just
flame was covered almost 700 acres. About it
reported the website of the mirror.co.uk

His mansion, located
in the South-East of California in a place called Santa Margarita, johnny has acquired, in his time, the star
fighters Jason Statham. Galecki was in
love the picturesque countryside, surrounded by hills. And now, having lost at home,
he’s not going to abandon the intention to live here.

Johnny not only wants to re –
to rebuild your home, but also to help neighbors
to restore your home. “I’m sure it will bring us closer together and make
stronger. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes. Someone may
sound crazy that we live under constant threat, because the fires here
to happen often. But, I assure you, life in this beautiful area that
worth it!” — assured actor. In addition, in his statement, johnny expressed his
gratitude to the courageous firefighters cope with fire — indeed, thanks
them, nobody was hurt.

Recall that johnny, who plays in “the big Bang Theory”
one of the main roles, has
sufficient funds for the restoration work, because he gets on
a million dollars for every episode of the TV show. Currently lives alone, after
three years ago, he broke up with actress Kelli garner after almost
three novel