Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» попала в больницу после свадьбы Kaley cuoco spends honeymoon in the hospital. The actress noted that she underwent surgery on the shoulder, and the recovery will take a few days. New husband is with her and encourages the girl.
Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» попала в больницу после свадьбы

30 more Jun fans of kaley cuoco all the world was overwhelmed with happiness. Still, after the actress celebrated a wedding and 32nd birthday. The original marriage ceremony star with her boyfriend Charles cook were held in the stables, and accompanied the bride to the altar my English bulldog.

However, instead of a posh honeymoon, the star of “the big Bang Theory” went to the hospital.

In his Instagram cuoco said that he underwent a major surgery and now must spend a lot of time in bed.

“When your honeymoon starts with shoulder surgery, and your husband looks as happy as on the wedding day. I am recovering, thank you for your love and support! Knowing Karl, I’m sure he’ll post a lot of hilarious posts. Thank God, my hair color at altitude,” – said kaley on Instagram.
Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» попала в больницу после свадьбы

The girl did not explain why she had to have surgery. However, fans suggest that the loved-up kaley to riding. In 2010, the actress was seriously injured. Then she fell off a horse and broke his leg. The fracture was so complicated that even the doctors were thinking about amputation, but fortunately, that outcome was avoided.

However, even the fear of injury does not prevent cuoco spending all my free time around horses. In fact, even your second wedding she kept in the stables. Beloved star Karl cook, because he himself is an avid rider.

Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» попала в больницу после свадьбы

By the way, the latter-day spouses met almost immediately after caylee was getting divorced with her first husband Ryan Sweeting. Then evil tongues spoke about the mutual cheating ex-lovers, but the separation clearly went to the actress, and next to Carl she found true happiness.

Choice is one of the highest paid television Actresses in the world often pleases fans of funny commercials featuring cuoco. In some of his interviews the star of “big Bang Theory” were recognized, what an incredible sense of humor was one of the reasons she fell in love with Carla.

Anyway, the fans hope that recovered after surgery, cuoco, cook and still go on a honeymoon. Judging from what was their wedding ceremony, from romantic getaways also you can expect surprises.