The star of “Bewitched” was shared with fans of unexpected news

Звезда «Зачарованных» поделилась с поклонниками неожиданной новостью
In the history of her fight with cancer, there has been a new twist.

Shannen Doherty


Star of TV series “Charmed” and “Beverly hills 90210” — Shannen Doherty, where doctors made the diagnosis “breast cancer” — published in his microblog unexpected and
good news: doctors told her that she’s on her way to recovery! “There are
in life’s happy moments! Today is such a day. I’m in remission. I do
I don’t know how this news react. Is this good news? Of course!
Rather, it is simply amazing! Now I have hope…” — wrote

“I do not want to deceive ourselves too rosy expectations.
Everything will be decided in the next five years. All my fellow sufferers — those who
suffered from cancer, know that relapse is likely to overtake you.
So now I need to gain strength and patience. And look to the future with
much lighter heart than before…” admitted the 46-year-old actress.

“Besides, my story is still unpleasant
moments. So, I may have to endure several surgeries for breast reconstruction
after masectomy. Not to mention the fact that, in the coming years I have every
day to take medicines with strong side effects…” said Shannen.

The news of remission, Doherty was a big surprise
for fans of the actress. The fact that even though she had surgery
to remove breast cancer and underwent several courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, doctors until recently
time failed to achieve any significant positive developments. Now
the same fans cheering Shannen and I wish her complete recovery.