The star of “Bewitched” finished its divorce

Звезда «Зачарованных» завершила свой развод
Rose McGowan officially became a free woman.

Rose McGowan with her husband


43-year-old actress rose McGowan said that finally ended
bonds of matrimony: it has officially completed their divorce process. When
this rose did not look unhappy. On the contrary, she is cheerful and full
optimism. As for the specific details of the divorce, they are not
disclosed. We only know that none of the parties will not pay
the other spousal support. On the sharing out of state also did not know, most likely, the couple had a prenup. This was announced by the Internet site

Rose, the star of the show “Charmed”, started Dating David Levitt, a painter who worked under the pseudonym David
Diteyl, in July 2012. In October 2013 she became his wife. But in February
this year she announced her intention to dissolve the marriage. At the same time, rose very unusual, said his decision on the page in a social network. “I
so I decided in advance I wanted for a while to “get married”. I deny a
the conventions of modern society, so why should I adhere to
traditional views on marriage?”

Incidentally, rose is unwilling to accept the traditional views not only on
issues of family life. She protests against the situation in the movie business. McGowan
States that almost all movies that are shot in the present time are not worth
spent their time and money. “We make all the time to watch “superhero”
movie. But where are the stories about real people? I would like to see intelligent, interesting
the movie, which helps society to develop. And instead of a mirror of real life
we offer solid plates, which I’m sick…” — says

As for the personal life of the actress, although she actually broke up
with Leviton already more than six months ago, the new boyfriend of rose yet
got. For her, this pause in the courtship rather unusual, because for 43
years of her life she almost never had one. The most notorious love stories of the actress began her novels
with the controversial singer Marilyn Manson and Director Robert Rodriguez. With
Manson, she met more than two years and even considered his bride. But with
Rodriguez and her relationship to engagement within
did not, although he presented it at the time, all Kinomir at the festival in
Cannes — as your friend…