The star of “Bewitched” announced their engagement

Звезда «Зачарованных» объявила о помолвке
The actress is going to marry a third time

Звезда «Зачарованных» объявила о помолвке

Holly Marie Combs with her fiancé


43-year-old Holly Marie Combs, famous for
after he played one of the sisters — Piper — in the popular series “Charmed,” said,
officially got engaged with his beloved. Moreover, it intends in the foreseeable
the future to marry him and has already started to plan the ceremony. “Hurrah! Matt Nathanson
(known by Approx.ed) agreed to sing at my wedding!” —
announced Holly. She also shared with fans a photo of her amazingly beautiful wedding rings with diamond refined form — in the form of sharpened ends of the oval.

When and under what circumstances the actress met her groom,
whom she calls simply “Mike”, without specifying at the same time, neither his name nor
a profession not exactly known. However, apparently they were Dating less than a year since Holly recently announced that she and Mike celebrated the anniversary of its

This marriage will be her third. From 1993 to 1997, Combs was the wife of actor Bryan Travis Smith. Then went
married to labored on the set of her TV series David Donoho. They lived together for 7 years, gave birth to three sons —
Finley, Riley and Kelley. However, in 2011, the actress was divorced from David, putting in
the reason “irreconcilable differences”.