Звезда «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210» Дженни Гарт уже третий раз замужем!

Звезда «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210» Дженни Гарт уже третий раз замужем!
Know her as the lovely blonde – Kaylee Taylor from the TV series “Beverly hills,90210”, but the personal life of this actress did not work out quite like her famous heroine. Happy star now in the third marriage?
Jennie Garth wanted to be an actress since childhood. Her family lived in poverty, so more than anything, she wanted fame and fortune! In 15 years, Jenny won the talent competition on which she noticed the agent of Hollywood and was invited to move to Los Angeles. Together with the mother of the young Jenny went for your dream! But the first time in the city of her dreams was not easy! She pestered the casting, but all to no avail! But when the girl was about to go home and leave the angels, luck smiled at her. Garth confirmed for a small role in the series “New life”, filming lasted a year and this gave the opportunity to stay in Hollywood. And soon was waiting for her star role.

Звезда «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210» Дженни Гарт уже третий раз замужем!
But few people know that the idea for the role of Kelly Taylor in the youth series was supposed to be episodic! However, the character so the audience liked that slim and norovlyu the blonde decided to leave in all seasons. But the way Kaylee was not similar to the Jenny, although it is like the producers of the series, despite all the difficulties, the actress proved that not in vain was cast, in the end, her character was transformed and he became a key in the series and lasted 10 years, while continued shooting!
In personal life also Jenny still seething! In the midst of filming the actress was married to musician Daniel Clark. All interviews were assured that he was very happy, but her love lived only 2 years.
In the film “an Unfinished novel” Garth and I met with the novice actor Peter Facinelli they played lovers after the first kiss on set, the actress realized that to return to her husband does not want. Jenny called Clark and admitted that he had fallen in love with another. Later married Peter, plunged in a happy family life with his head.

Звезда «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210» Дженни Гарт уже третий раз замужем!
After the famous role of Jeannie starred in several bands and took part in the show, and even more popularity brought the series “what I like about you”, but everyone compared its images with Kaylee. Jenny didn’t pay attention, she was happy with the beloved man and 3 daughters.
In 2008, the year career Peter went up, especially after the role in the series “Twilight”, after which the actor woke up mega-famous! One day Peter called and said that after 17 years of marriage, filed for divorce, the reason was an office romance with actress Jaimie Alexander. Divorce Jenny was very heavy, after which she fell into a depression. She was under a lot of stress, which was reflected in her appearance. She thought no one and will never love again, but she was wrong.

In 2015, the actress went back down the aisle. 3 her husband was 10 years younger – Dave Abrams. Now Jenny shares his happy family life in the social network and was not afraid to return to continue shooting the series in the role of Kelly Taylor. Jenny has stood all the tests, which hides such desired “factory of dreams”.

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