The star of “Baywatch” got engaged to 36-year-old hottie

Звезда «Спасателей Малибу» обручился с 36-летней красоткой
63-year-old David Hasselhoff is preparing to marry for the third time.

David Hasselhoff

Photo: @davidhasselhoff Instagram David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff,
who became famous by playing in “Baywatch” together with Pamela Anderson, announced
about their engagement with young cute Hayley Roberts. “His proposal was
for me a real surprise. I had no idea that he was planning to do
this important step. At first I thought it was just a joke.
But when David got the ring, it became clear to me — this is not a hoax. Excitement
and by surprise, I burst into tears and could not calm down for 10 minutes. I managed
to respond to the proposal of the beloved, only when a little recovered.
Of course, I agreed!” — told the fiancée of actor.

Almost 30 years
the age difference does not bother Haley. But Hasselhoff, who is now again removed from Anderson in the film version of the legendary series for a long time could not decide to offer Roberts to be his wife. Harder
just had the actor when Roberts first invited him to your house to introduce
with the family. David said, he learned and practiced how to tell her parents:
“Hayley and I are Dating!”. In advance and horrified, trying to imagine
what he might hear in response. However, to the great relief of the actor, all

Hasselhoff and
Roberts have been Dating for five years. And they met with a rather unusual
circumstances. Haley was his devoted fan and during the filming one of the TV shows
with his participation, she managed somehow to get through to his idol. It
asked him for an autograph, and David, whom she loved at first
look, I agreed to put my stroke in exchange for the phone number

Now David
and Haley began to plan the wedding. For Hasselhoff this will be the third marriage.
His first wife, with whom he lived for 5 years, was singer Katherine Hickland. And
the second wife of actor was actress Pamela Bach, who became the mother of his two children. With
he divorced her in 2006, after almost 17 years of marriage.

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