Звезда «Другого мира» разводится с мужем
Kate Beckinsale is not going to share as with len Wiseman.

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman


became known, 43-year-old actress Kate Beckinsale soon again become a free woman. Actress
diluted with Director len Wiseman, whom was her legal spouse on
for almost 14 years. This is expected to be a relatively peaceful divorce.
Because, as you say, pre-wedding Kate, showing wise forethought,
offered husband to sign a prenup. So the battle for the redivision of the state
not expected. However, Kate and Lena, you may have to fight for custody of 16-year-old
Lily, an only child, Beckinsale. Indeed, although Flax is not the father of the girl
(Kate gave birth to her from her boyfriend Michael sheen, with whom was
a long-term relationship), Wiseman raised her and she considers it her second “dad”.

the official divorce process few eyebrows in Hollywood because
last autumn it became known that Kate and Len decided to leave. However,
was still a faint hope for reconciliation. But after both spouses
began to appear in public in the company of new partners, it became clear that their marriage really
came to an end.

and Len met and fell for each other in 2003 when they met on the set of
the first of the five films in the franchise “Another world”. , Beckinsale was the star of the project
and Wiseman – Director. Years later they got married and since a long time
considered almost perfect. The end of idyll put Flax secretive
the novel 25-year-old actress CJ Franco. And after the announcement of the breakup and Kate
allowed myself to flirt a little: first, with Ben Affleck and then with
British actor and screenwriter David Williamson…