Звезда «50 оттенков серого» поделился интимными подробностями съемок
Jamie Dornan has revealed why no longer wants to play his hero.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson


As told in a recent interview, the 35-year-old Jamie Dornan, starring in the franchise “50 shades of grey”, a new film which recently was released, he just doesn’t know what he would do without the valuable advice of his partner in the shooting — 28-year-old actress Dakota Johnson.

As he admitted, he sometimes strongly lacked experience for the filming of an erotic movie. And Dakota and then had to tell him how to act in a given situation. “I’m much more likely to receive advice from her than from our Director. For example, I’m proud of how learned, under her leadership, sexy undress woman!”— said the actor. The funny thing about this situation is that, in theory, everything should be Vice versa. Because Jamie is older than Dakota for 7 years, and besides, unlike her, has experience of family life — he has been married for five years and has two daughters.

Jamie complained that it is sometimes bewildering and insulting questions from him fans of the franchise. The fact that the actor was tormented with questions about whether they will see him in a new movie soon to be released, completely naked and “full face”. “I questioned to no end as I it was proposed and agreed if I in the end. People don’t seem to understand that we do not shoot “porn”, so this just was not necessary. Of course, the film will be a lot of “nudity”, but neither I nor Dakota was not going to show everything. Moreover, even in those scenes where it seems that naked is absolutely not: all that the audience need not is not supposed to see, covered with a special cover!”he told Dornan.

And at the end of his story, Jamie completely upset fans. He said firmly, resolutely and irrevocably committed to the role of Christian grey. “Even if Erica James (author of the books, which starred franchise) will continue its series of best-sellers and will be scheduled новыt movies, I participate definitely will not accept. I was obviously getting too old for such games.