The star of “50 shades of grey” has fallen out of love with men

Звезда «50 оттенков серого» разлюбила мужчин
Dakota Johnson ditched her boyfriend.

Звезда «50 оттенков серого» разлюбила мужчин

Dakota Johnson

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported
the Internet portal Femalefirst, 26-year-old actress Dakota Johnson broke up with her boyfriend, musician Matthew

Dakota and HITT started
to meet for a long time — in 2014. But about a year ago their paths had almost
sold. The fact is that, as previously reported, Matthew didn’t feel like it
the fact that his girlfriend starred in the erotic film “50 shades of grey”. They
I decided some time to rest from each other’s company, but then got back together.
Now, it seems that Dakota has taken a final decision. The fact that all
other problems complicated by the relationship of the actress and musician, has added yet and
her changed mood.

“I suddenly realized that in
the men irritate me too much. And, what pisses me off much
more than that like. I hate it when men chew with your mouth open.
I can’t stand when they are rude. And, oddly enough, absolutely not
bear men in hats! And much in their behavior I can tolerate just not able to.
Perhaps, now, I’m just going through a phase in my life…” — explained

In fact, in
personal life the stars of “50 shades of grey” is really not the best
way. This movie, according to the actress, absolutely ruined her relationship
with the representatives of the stronger sex. “I discovered that men began to me
to be afraid of. They seem to take me for a heroine of “50 shades…”, passion
bdsm…in Vain I tried many times to explain that I’m just an actress, I just
play the role of…” — once confessed Dakota.

Dakota Johnson c rocker Matthew Chittum

Photo: Splash News/East news

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