“The” star factory “participant” for the first time became a mother

«Фабрикантка» впервые стала мамой
Catherine Tsypin gave birth to a daughter.

“The” star factory “participant” of the fifth convocation Catherine Tsypin for the first time became a mother. 28 December was born the daughter of the singer and her husband, Vladimir Efimenko. The young man is organizing the event, and quite successfully. Therefore, it can adequately provide for the young beauty-wife and daughter.

Young parents did not call the baby, but this New year they have met together. The birth went without complications, so Catherine went home from the hospital on the third day after the appearance of the daughter’s light.

Katya in his personal blog posted on how it all happened.

“It’s really something incredible in every woman’s life! — says the singer. And for me we are all heroines, so we the way nature intended, we, as transformers are able to create, nurture and bring forth new life! And then again to return to the previous form. It all happened so fast that in five hours without an epidural from the beginning of contractions and to the long-awaited first crying — our baby girl was born!”

One of the first Katya and Vova congratulated on the appearance of the daughter of their friends Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky. They are also just a couple of months ago became parents of baby MIA, and will now help the newly mom and dad, and beautiful things. As you know, young children grow rapidly from slips and jumpsuits, so my daughter Katya can get a great “legacy” from Rita, Vlad and MIA.