Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Organic line for hair and skin, a refreshing spray for fixing makeup, protective DD-cream and other beauty innovations of the week — all the most interesting talk in our review.

The aroma in the collection of the Maison Christian Dior Holy Peony, Dior (14 900 RUB.)

Creating the fragrance composition Holy Peony, I like drawing a portrait of a beautiful woman. Peony, wrapped in fruity notes, draws its shimmering facets. Nuances of peach roses represent the soft curves of the female body, says about his creation is a leading perfumer of Dior House françois Demachy.

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Do not be afraid of the sweetness — she is contrasted by the fresh green notes and Lily. In the plume, according to tradition, woody, musky and amber accords. Someone new may resemble the “Divine peony” — this is the scent, which is designed to accelerate the approach of spring.

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Organic line for hair and skin ActyvaBio, Kemon

More than 10 years ago experts Kemon started to experiment with medicinal plants of Umbria and Tuscany, allocating 20 hectares of land for bio-farm. In the laboratory, brand has created a range of Velian Complex is a blend of plant extracts tsmina, pupovci dye (no fictional ingredients, don’t think!), linen and mullein.

Studies have shown that the combination of these herbs improves the quality of hair and has a positive effect on the scalp. This complex became the base component of the line Actyv Bio, which is 97 percent natural.

Instead of water, the usual cosmetics, key in the product was aloe Vera juice. In addition, the brand cares about the environment and only uses eco-friendly packaging (that confirms the certificate is Cosmos Organic).

Perhaps the most curious product — micellar water for the scalp. She, however, is used for a salon detox ritual, but who’s stopping you to repeat it at home.

In addition to the miracle water you will also find in the collection-shampoo gel for delicate cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning mask shampoo for dry, porous, chemically treated hair, shower gel and body lotion.

Separate respect for the perfumes — no “himonya” smells! The aroma of innovations reminiscent of pastilles with sage.

Limited edition fragrance Rose Goldea, Bvlgari (price on request)

The aroma of Rose Goldea is one of those times when clothes make the man. “Dress” in the style of pop art created by London artist Jackie Tsai. He drew the rose — the heart of the perfume and the snake — a symbol of Bvlgari. According to his idea, a new bottle needs to convey the image of a magical garden Roman goddess (carefully look closely to the picture and you will see her features).

Instead of the classic rose fragrance, I wanted to show its youth and brightness, says master perfumer Alberto Morillas.

The first audible notes of pomegranate and then feel absolute of damask rose. Remains on the sweet accord of sandalwood milk and essences of white incense.

Russia brought only 30 copies, you can buy them in Moscow “Articoli”.

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The spring collection of Cafe Bonheur, Lancome

The new collection of Lancome urges us not to be afraid to use glitter in makeup. Not only for evening wear or special occasions. Spring is the best time to Shine and glitter, isn’t it?

Instead of boring pressed blush in the collection included Blush in Capitals — an unusual blush in the form of letters (the dream of any butagaya). To do eye makeup using the palette Café Bônheur care and beauty Eye Palette in pink and pastel colours.

Rouged lips — an indispensable attribute of makeup for walks along the river Seine (or Moscow-river). Create the perfect daytime or evening look will help L’absolu Rouge, which was released in three new shades. The onions will finish varnish Le Vernis Nail Color (again pink) and top coat nail Vernis In Love Top Coat with silver sequins.

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The unusual packaging of the collection is inspired by one of the most recognizable images of the capital of France is a colourful cane decoration chairs, which have long been the hallmark of Parisian cafes and bistros. Face was bright Lily Collins.

Refreshing spray for fixing make-up Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray, Beautyblender (2 890 rubles)

There is nothing worse than spending a good 30 minutes to draw a perfect eyeliner and create a flawless complexion, and a few hours to see that all this pomp vanished without a trace. Fortunately, Beautyblender released spray-lock, which promises to deal with this problem.

The two-phase solution contains water, rich in antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, probiotics and the extract of silk cocoons. Spray it on your face, and the skin becomes fresh, smooth and hydrated. And to touch up your makeup, spray the sponge and apply to them the Foundation — so it will form a thin layer and will not create a mask effect.

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Protective nutritious DD cream, Paese (1950 rubles)

With CC and BB creams, you probably already know, but DD-cream is something relatively new. DD-cream, which was originally invented in Korea, comes from the phrase daily defence daily protection.

In fact it is Foundation: and product in one. Here, you and SPF 30, and pigments that camouflage blemishes and small imperfections, and components with anti-aging effect: the thermal water and citrus extract. The result is a tool with a transparent texture, which slightly adjusts the tone and is ideal for dry skin.

Весенние мейкап-коллекции и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Collection makeup brush Cool Brush, De.Co. (you can buy in the shops “Girlfriend”)

What brush is best for applying powder products (face powder, blush, highlighter)? Fluffy round shape, you say. A Foundation brush should be dense and preferably with a flat cut? Beyonce’s makeup artist says that it is not so. In a recent interview with Refinery29, he revealed some of her secrets of makeup, and it turned out that most of us applied makeup completely wrong:

I like to strike a tone in two different ways. First, I use a wet blender, and then take a big fluffy brush for blush. I don’t use brushes for Foundation, because I feel that so man looks like a wax doll. By the way, he is also against brush concealer: “I smudged concealer with a fluffy brush for eye shadow,” says the expert.

Brush on all occasions can be found in the new collection Cool Brush from De.Co.: fluffy, oval, fan-shaped, with an elongated pile, with an oblique or straight cut. They are all made from synthetic bristles and is made in a pink “girly” design.

Creams for hands “Exotic collection”, “Velvet hands” (69 rubles)

This mini-cream “Velvet hands” for the price of a bottle of water — no exaggeration real find of the month. Unlike their predecessors (the same brand), the texture of it is much richer and apply it every 30 minutes to prolong the effect will not have.

A choice of three cream: butter fruit buruti (it grows in tropical South America; rich in oleic acid, Tocopherols and beta-carotene), babassu oil (it is obtained from plants of the palm family which grows in Brazil) and with five oils and extracts of the Moringa tree (grows in the Himalayas; contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids).

The first smells of fruit, the second is sweet “bounty”, and the third has an intense floral aroma (the most striking, perhaps). The novelty came in travel-format — 30-mililitros the tube to slip into any handbag.

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