Самый избалованный ребенок Голливуда

Самый избалованный ребенок Голливуда

The title of the most spoiled child of Hollywood belongs to the daughter of actor Tom cruise and Katie Holmes — Suri. In order for a girl less painful went through a divorce a stellar parent Cruz started to literally fall asleep Suri with expensive gifts. On every birthday gave her 1 million dollars. Bought her a mini Mercedes and a private house in new York.

“The first thing I wanted to say Suri is the fact that how much I love her, and how wonderful life she can have!”, — shared by Tom cruise.

Самый избалованный ребенок Голливуда

From a “Dolce Vita” Suri turned the life of a mother Katie Holmes to hell. Daughter could throw a tantrum anywhere: at the airport, in the Park or in the store. And the reason can only be that she wasn’t allowed to wear heels or not bought the tenth cupcake today! Katie tired to justify their spoiled child in front of the eyes of the public and journalists.

Самый избалованный ребенок Голливуда“She is my Everything! And I, like every mother want her to know how special she is to me!” — justified Katie.

But as time passed, grown-up Suri, Tom cruise is estranged from his ex-wife and daughter and girlfriend has significantly tempered his ambition. Now Suri she does shopping in the supermarket, although her output meets the nanny with a personal driver.
The girl behaves decent on the street but a freak in the same fashion as mother. So and then chooses only the most expensive clothes!


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