Раскол труппы МХТ: миф или реальность? Стали известны детали закулисных интриг театра
Death of Oleg Tabakov and the appointment of a new artistic Director has caused “unrest” among the team.

Sergei Zhenovach


On Friday evening it was announced the name of the new artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov. They became Sergey Zhenovach. There were rumors that he considered other candidates, including Vladimir Mashkov Yuri Butusov, but in the end, the choice fell on the artistic Director of “Studio of theatrical art”. The day before in the theater, a meeting was held at which the company announced the appointment of Sergei. This, according to rumors, was the cause of the split of the creative team.

In the media appeared information that the meeting was an attempted “coup”. Supposedly some of the company opposed Zhenovach. The initiative group was headed by the Director Yuriy Kravets and rector of school-studios MHT Igor zolotovitski. Place of Oleg Pavlovich, according to reports in the press, were invited to take Constantine Habenskogo. Eyewitnesses claim that it was composed a collective letter to the President asking to appoint the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre 46-year-old actor. However, the actor refused to participate in this adventure. Details behind the scenes quickly spread via the social networks, but closer to the night came the official denial.

“Neither of which the letter to the President I don’t know. Company gathering, held Saturday, was solely in order to inform the team that the previous Minister of culture signed an order on appointment of the artistic Director Sergey Zhenovach. This was done in order to avoid innuendo,” said Kravets.

It is curious that Vladimir Mashkov received the offer to become artistic Director of “Snuff”, not yet made a final decision. He said that never in a hurry to solve important issues and he needs time to think. By the way, he admitted that Oleg Tabakov before death not made a final choice: even with him, he never directly spoken about his successor. “This conversation never happened. I was, but-like at all. Oleg Pavlovich was active until the last day. Its theatres worked like clockwork. Never was such a thing: Volodya’s help. Although I was always there,” — said Mashkov kp.ru.