The Spanish singer Julio Iglesias had a son

У испанского певца Хулио Иглесиаса появился сын

Spanish singer Julio Iglesias is fit to congratulate you on the addition. Have vocal celebrity turned up a son. The “boy” Javier Santos for 40 years, and doubt that his biological father is Julio, no, because the results of the paternity test to prove it.

According to the publication The Telegraph, citing the words of Javier Gulevich, man plans to sue and to demand recognition of his official son. And why not? Iglesias is not getting younger, life amassed a considerable fortune, which is sure to be a bone of contention among all his children.
It is noteworthy that Jose since the 90s wanted the recognition of his father, but Julio were opened and disown fleeting connection with the Portuguese dancer. the mother of his illegitimate child. At the time of the adultery he was married to model Isabel Preysler, and because a relationship with a guy denied foaming at the mouth. But a DNA test is not fooled, and now at 73, one of the most successful Spanish performers has become richer by another son.
By the way, in addition to Jose Julio has eight official children, one of which is Enrique Iglesias, a famous Spanish singer.