The sons of Zerah grow real gentlemen

Сыновья Зары растут настоящими джентльменами
Zara is not only a successful singer, but she manages to combine a creative career with the role of mother.

Сыновья Зары растут настоящими джентльменами

The singer grows up two wonderful sons, whom she managed to educate decent. The boys take care of her mom, help her and make compliments.

Сыновья Зары растут настоящими джентльменами

“The boys open doors for me, to kiss your hand. Don’t know who taught them, but it looks heartwarming and very touching. When I’m preparing for a concert, they see I wear beautiful dresses, and say: “Mom, you’re a mermaid! A real Princess!”. Children are often complimenting me, and I in turn consult with them, what hairstyle to do. I grow real gentlemen. Of course, I try to be strict mother, otherwise we will not achieve them success in the future” – says Zara.

According to the artist, she tries to instill in the children a work ethic. She is very strict with them, but to punish is not trying.

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