The son prohibits Alena Vodonaevoy to get married

Сын запрещает Алене Водонаевой выходить замуж The presenter does not want to hurt the boy. Alain Vodonaeva admits that for a long time her son believed that the man who is next to her mother – just one of her friends.

      Сын запрещает Алене Водонаевой выходить замуж

      Alena Vodonaeva is preparing to buy a new marital status. Beloved star, businessman Anton Korotkov, made her an offer of marriage. Wedding date is still unknown. Maybe beloved still are undecided with her, and maybe just keep this number secret from everyone.

      Meanwhile, five-year-old TV presenter from his first marriage is experiencing mixed feelings, thinking about what his mother can be sat by someone’s wife. Little Bohdan and even not want to think about any wedding.

      Bogdan until recently I was sure that Anton is my mother’s friend, because the son really knew him when we were just friends, and I didn’t even think that we would start Dating. Although there is no thought, only did not submit and was waiting for Anton himself will take the first steps, ” says the star. – The other day my son asked if I would be for Anton to marry, what Bogdan said at first: “No, mother, you will marry me!”. But then thought and said, whether I like Anton, to which I said: “Yes, very”.

      We will remind, recently Alena and Anton returned from Thailand, where he spent several weeks. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have not wanted to tear from sports and training his son, so for the holidays Bogdan remained under the care of the Pope. Vodonaeva wants her baby from childhood was diversified, so she tries not to interrupt his training.

      “I think the boys not to indulge, and with Alex, dad and Bogdan, we are constantly in touch, follow the daily routine of a son. Monday through Friday he’s in the garden. Kindergarten English, so the son is already fluent in English. After kindergarten it three times a week tutoring in reading, writing and arithmetic. Bogdan also three times a week goes to school of the Olympic reserve on sports gymnastics. Now Alex gave him lessons in visual art once a week. I think to give it more on Thai Boxing in a year”, – says Vodonaeva in an interview with the website “”.

      It is worth noting that Alain feels a joy that her child is so busy with school. According to mother, the son is not tired and feels happy child. This weekend the family is resting.

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